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spacerTechnical Problem Solvers, Inc. (TPS) is a Long Island-based forensic engineering firm. Although the vast majority of our work is within the New York City Metropolitan Region, TPS works anywhere within the contiguous 48 states and lower Canada. We analyze the physical events that are involved in legal disputes: insurance claims, product liability, and tort proceedings. TPS has helped both plaintiff and defense clients in understanding and resolving the technical aspects of their cases. Our experts are seasoned professionals with many years of experience (typically over 20 years) in their respective fields of knowledge. Some have taught at major universities.

Our Hauppauge, NY offices on Long Island


spacerTPS is led by Grahme Fischer, a professional engineer with over 40 years of achievement in engineering. Mr. Fischer holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College and a Master of Science degree from Columbia University. He has designed numerous mechanisms, machines, and complex systems; analyzed static and dynamic structures, vehicles, and machines; and supervised the development of computer analyses of complex systems. Mr. Fischer has managed advanced technology studies for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He served for five years as an adjunct faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and, for four years, as a consultant to the New York State Department of Education, Bureau of Mathematics. He is a founder and Director of the New York Statewide Traffic Accident Reconstruction Society (NYSTARS), which has over 200 members (2/3 are active duty police officers). He is editor of their peer-reviewed newsletter, NYSTARS News. Mr. Fischer has been a consultant to attorneys and insurance companies since 1983. His testimony been praised by both retaining and opposing attorneys.

A workstation from our Long Island, NY offices


spacerTPS provides post-event inspections and follow up analysis of injuries and economic losses. We look at the available physical evidence and figure out what happened. Our work is thorough. Our reports are intelligible, useful, and persuasive. We focus on those issues that are important to our clients. When necessary, we conduct tests to establish the behavior of objects and people. We understand the significance of being misled into a trial with an unsustainable position. Consequently, we offer a straightforward verbal assessment of our perception of the strength of your case. We provide you with a reliable, high-quality resource for:

  • investigation and reconstruction
  • expert witnesses
  • technical opinions, oral and written
  • critique of opposing expert's opinions
  • modern technology tools and computing
Samples of investigation equipment Samples of investigation equipment
Samples of investigation equipment Samples of investigation equipment

spacerA key characteristic of our reports is the presence of visual images that help to persuade the reader to accept our written conclusions. Almost every TPS report contains numerous color photographs that provide a context for the case, as well as some diagrams that highlight some of the pertinent case issues. We believe that a very large proportion of people do not become persuaded without effective visual images.

Employees working together


spacerA more complete outline of our capabilities is contained on our Expertise List  page.

spacerQuality-control procedures enable TPS to effectively and authoritatively perform investigations in many areas of physical science and engineering. TPS has analyzed low and high technology subjects, from plumbing leaks to precision optical telescope components. Our network includes skilled craftsmen (plumbers, auto mechanics, roofers, etc.) and technical specialists (building code, electrical code, etc.) whose reputations are personally known by us.


spacerProfessional engineers, scientists, and technical specialists direct TPS' forensic investigations. We apply both theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience to each of your cases. TPS examines and discusses alternative explanations of critical events. We disclose and report the facts that are pertinent to legal disputes. Our emphasis is on accuracy and clarity in our written descriptions of significant issues. We provide photographic documentation of pertinent facts, and emphasize the visual aspects of communication. All reports are reviewed by TPS President, Grahme Fischer, MS, PE.

spacerWe are proficient in our areas of expertise, have significant experience with insurance claims, legal disputes, and testimony, and work effectively for our clients. Technical Problem Solvers is a powerful resource to assist your case.


Accident Reconstruction, Motor Vehicle Collisions,
Occupant Motion, Machine Injury, Mechanical Engineering

spacerMr. Fischer practiced various aspects of mechanical engineering for many decades. He has been a Professional Engineer for over 25 years and a forensic engineer for over 20 years. He has written hundreds of reports on vehicular accidents involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, & roadways. Mr. Fischer uses both traditional and computer-based analytical methods in accident reconstruction, often using PC-Crash (state-of-the-art software) for collision simulation. Mr. Fischer is an excellent communicator and an experienced expert witness whose testimony has been praised by both retaining and opposing attorneys.
spacerLearn more about Grahme Fischer at JurisPro Expert Witness Directory.



Architecture, Slip, Trip and Fall

spacerMr. Turkel is a Registered Architect and was an operating Partner in a Long Island architectural firm; he has had extensive project management experience. A practicing architect for over 40 years, he brings a keen ability to identify and analyze the appropriate codes and standards to his cases. Mr. Turkel's 20-year affiliation with TPS has included investigations of incidents for both plaintiff and defense involving: pedestrian injuries allegedly caused by slips, trips, and falls on staircases, walking surfaces, curbs, and ramps; structural failure of buildings, foundations, sidewalks, and ground surfaces; and assessment of water-caused damages including drainage and ice accumulation issues. He is thoroughly familiar with issues concerning the use and misuse of ladders and scaffolds. Mr. Turkel has testified in court proceedings on a large number of cases. He has often been commended by retaining attorneys for his ability to clearly communicate to a jury. He has also been praised for his advocacy of client cases.



Physiology & Human Factors

spacerDr. DelVecchio has been involved with Technical Problem Solvers, Inc. for over 20 years. He has over 40 years of experience in the Life Sciences, including directing and experiencing human tolerance tests in extremely high acceleration devices. He has worked on man-machine projects for aircraft, space vehicles, and ground-based activities like firefighting. His background encompasses extensive study of head injury issues (impact and deceleration), head protection devices (sports helmets, firefighter helmets, and aerospace headgear), and bone compression. Dr. DelVecchio has taught at the college level for many years.



Human Factors Science and Engineering

spacerDr. O'Hara specializes in cognitive science, the ability of people to perceive, understand, and respond to events that require immediate attention. He can explain to ordinary people the reasons why code violations contribute to or cause human injury. Dr. O'Hara has applied his knowledge of human cognition, as a consultant, to cases as diversified as stairway slip and fall, bicycle accidents, motor vehicle collisions, and accidents involving large industrial systems. He is a leading authority on the design and operation of control centers for complex systems such as nuclear power generating plants. Dr. O'Hara has taught undergraduate and graduate students for over 10 years.

John Moore

John Moore

Roadway Traffic and Safety

spacerMr. Moore is the former Director of Traffic Safety for Smithtown, Long Island. He has over 30 years of experience overseeing all aspects of roadway design and traffic safety issues, including analysis of contracts and environmental impact statements. Throughout his 20-year association with TPS, Mr. Moore has handled cases involving roadway signs, traffic signals, guiderails, and accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycles, and motor vehicles. Mr. Moore's understanding of prescribed standards, procedures, and regulations, particularly federal and state requirements, has proven beneficial for TPS clients. He has provided testimony at examinations before trial and at trial.

Jim Hughes

Jim Hughes

Videographer and Photographer

spacerMr. Hughes has owned and managed a professional video production firm for over 30 years. His expertise spans a myriad of media platforms and software. During the past 20 years, Mr. Hughes has provided Information Technology and forensic support to TPS and our clients; this support included site videography and photography; examination and analysis of surveillance video evidence; image correction and enhancement; still frame captures; file conversion; and computer system design and software selection. Mr. Hughes' knowledge and skillful visual examination of images have been valuable resources for TPS clients.

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