Special Benefits for Attorneys

Over the last 25 years, TPS has developed competitive advantages which have been repeatedly demonstrated to our attorney clients. These include:

  • thorough investigations and reports
  • clearly written, unambiguous reports
  • appropriate use of modest-cost visual images for clarity and persuasiveness
  • use of sophisticated computer simulations of vehicle accidents
  • superior expert witness performances
In addition, TPS offers distinct advantages for specific types of attorneys and specific cases. For example:

  • Civil defense of low-speed automobile collision injury claims
    • Dr. Robert DelVecchio has personally experienced, without injury, acceleration levels which exceed occupant-experienced collision accelerations in low and moderate speed vehicle collisions.
    • Dr. DelVecchio has directed U.S. Air Force tests of male and female test subjects that produced acceleration levels in excess of those experienced by vehicle occupants during low and moderate speed collisions. Those Air Force tests did not produce any injury to test subjects.

  • Plaintiff and civil defense motor vehicle collision cases can be assisted by TPS computer analysis of average driver perception-reaction-response time and/or computer simulation of possible driver behavior. If an average driver could or could not perform a significant action, it may influence a juror's assessment of responsibility for a collision.

  • Civil defense and plaintiff slip, trip and fall investigations:
    • Thomas Turkel, A.I.A., is a vigorous investigator who brings a broad depth of historical knowledge to premises liability cases.
    • Tom is skilled in identifying the significant issues in slip and fall matters; he clearly communicates key points to both clients and jurors.
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